Try Big Cloud for free

  • After signing up, you will receive a free credit for testing the service
    The credit is enough for 7 days of running a trial virtual machine.
  • Choose required operation system
    We currently have the GNU Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo) ready and we will also prepare the Microsoft Windows .
  • You are not bound by any contract
    Big Cloud works based on a credit that you can simply charge by bank transfer or online payment.
  • We also offer follow-up services
    Creating PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, OwnCloud storage, project manager Redmine and more.

What is Big Cloud?

Big Cloud is your personal cloud storage manager.

We are introducing a complex management system for virtual cloud computing. Simple virtual machines manager based on GNU Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems.

At this time period, cloud computing become a very popular service and it has being used by IT professionals as well as business corporations.

The main advantage of so-called cloud storage is it´s flexibility (instantly change the configuration of VM) and it serves also for the universal access to your data storage from anywhere in the internet. It´s facilitates are not only quick backups of data by snapshoting, but also the simple data sharing within a single network group of virtual machines. Through the Big Cloud administration environment, you can create new virtual machines and you can also buy public IP addresses and assign machines to local network. You can use the VNC access to connect vitual machine screen directly to your web browser.

In addition to our services, we can also help you in the field of IT sector and complete corporate network management. We have many years of experience in Outsourcing of different companies in Czech Republic and even abroad.

Tutorial video:

The advantages of Big Cloud

Quick credit

Big Cloud is prepared to prepaid credit funds functionality (regarding to volume of the datacenter). Virtual machines can run when when customer have credits. Credits can be charged online by credit cards. It can be arranged very quickly directly by the Big Cloud administration environment. BIGCLOUD environment offers to customers a secure online payment via secure bank portal, as well as the possibility of payments by conventional bank transfer.

Data access from

With modern hybrid cloud you get access to your data storage from anywhere in the world where you are just connected to the internet. Just a simple web browser and virtual machine management can take place despite the classic web interface (so-called VNC access). You can use any virtual machine as a reliable web server or data backup. The Big Cloud service runs 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, so you can rely on reliability and guaranteed service availability.

Access for

In the case of the so-called Administrator account, you can create additional users of the service and give them access to requested virtual machines. In Big Cloud administration, you can easily manage your regular user accounts and track changes made in virtual machines configuration. You can also set the monitoring function on requested machines or other cloud functions.


For your comments, queries, and other suggestions regarding Big Cloud, use the following contact form. In the case of technical queries, fill out the form on the contact page where you can choose the problem specification to send your query to technical support.